Saturday, October 30, 2010

Makara Beach, 30 Oct 2010

from Brooklyn to Makara at the west coast by car: up the hill and back down again

arrived at Makara: Makara Beach to the left ...

... and to the right

steep uphill walk for the first part of the way to the World War II gun emplacements, then downhill to Opau Bay and same way back again

entrance to Makara Walkway

single rock sticking up

beautiful little flowers at the otherwise rocky beach

random chain on the way

The first wind turbine in sight.

making our way up to the gun emplacements

Sheep! We saw a lot on the way - and even more sheep poo!

Makara Wind Farm, i.e. Project West Wind by Meridian: 62 wind turbines; more info here:

World War II gun emplacements

under one of these massive turbines

entering Opau Bay

Opau Bay

Opau Bay

little orange crab

World War II gun emplacements

Yes, we made it into the water!

Well, up to the knees at least.

Rather spontaneously, Brian and I decided to go to Makara Beach and do a bit of a walk there up to world War II gun emplacements and then down again to Opau Bay. So off we went and a few Wellington suburbs, a narrow and windy and in parts hilly kilometers later, we hit Makara Beach. Beautiful scenery, stunning views, nice sunshine! :)
Enjoying a nice coffee at Makara Café and back home - we thought.... but the road was closed for a motor race!! And there is no alternate route! That meant 2hrs unplanned 'hanging out' at Makara (the café there probably never made a better profit than today).

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